Industry Focus
In the fastest growing industry of energy generation and especially the PV Solar industry in South Africa, there is a big need for a Mounting Structure Solution. This is one of the hurdles when it comes to implementation of any PV Solar Solution and is especially true in Africa where transport, logistics, skills and technical support can be challenging. This need has driven us to focus on providing high quality Mounting Structure Solutions for all applications on PV Solar Plants.

Our focus and goal in VALSA is to strive to provide a Mounting Structure solution for implementation of PV Solar Plants for all possible applications, where quality and technology meet, and provide the best possible result to our partners and clients. With established local production in South Africa on profiles and components for most of the Roof Top, Carport and Ground Applications we are among the leaders driving the PV Solar Industry.

Service Focus
As one of the main components in the implementaton of PV Solar projects, the Mounting Structure Solution is often the most critical factor. In line with that our strategy and drive is to design, engineer, manufacture, supply, install, provide technical support and training on Mounting Structure Solutions across all spectrums of PV Solar applications.

International Agent
In an effort to ensure access to the latest technology and high quality solutions, we are an agent for Southern Africa for A+SunSystems. This innovative company is based in Italy and provides Mounting Structure Solutions using the Worldwide Patent Technology of Tensile Cable Structure. This leading type of application in the PV Solar Industry combined with local production in South Africa, enables us able to cover and provide Mounting Structure Solutions for all types of applications in the PV Solar Industry.

VALSA is a member of Southern African Alternative Energy Association. We also are a recognised Schneider Electric system integrator. Our company have a strategic relationship to provide solutions and technology for Jasco Group especially in the renewable energy division, which is developing PV Solar projects for various clients. Another partner who is developing PV Solar projects where we participate with our Mounting Structure Solutions and expertise is Sonnenkraft SA (Pty) Ltd, as they are a leader in Solar Thermal solutions and small to medium PV Solar projects. Powermode and Soltra Energy are some of our partners where we are preferred supplier for Mounting Structure Solutions for their domestic PV Solar applications.